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Type approval query
According to the regulations of import of radio transmitting equipment management and production of radio transmitting equipment management regulations,In order to strengthen the management of import and production of radio transmitting equipment,All radio transmitting equipment exports to the People's Republic of China,Or within the territory of the People's Republic of China(including trial production) production of radio transmitting equipment,Radio management Committee shall be held by the State (the State Radio Regulation Committee, SRRC) for its characteristics oftransmission type approval issued by the Radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate,Sign in the factory equipment shall indicate the approval code.
Radio transmitting equipment is defined as a radio navigation and positioning direction finding radar remote telemetry broadcast television and micropower (short), and other equipment of various kinds of radio waves,But does not include the electromagnetic radiation of medical equipment industry research electrified transport system high voltage power lines and other electrical devices, etc,At present by testing agencies acknowledged by the ministry of information industry administration of Radio is: State Radio Monitoring Center (the State Radio Monitoring Center, SRMC
State radio monitoring center is directly under the ministry of information industry of the institutions of the People's Republic of China,Main undertake radio monitoring and radio spectrum management,The center has 10 departments、A national monitoring stations、Eight state-level short wave、Satellite monitoring stations、1 ultrashort wave monitoring stations and 1 data backup center。
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