How to apply for SRRC certification?

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How to apply for SRRC certification?
SRRC certification is for low power wireless transmission equipment testing, SRRC certification for different types of radio transmission equipment with different frequency range, radio transmitting equipment in domestic sales or use will require a different frequency. In China, sales of radio components products, must obtain the certification of radio models, in order to sell on the market.
In order to strengthen the import of SRRC certification and production of radio transmitting equipment management, radio transmitting equipment all exports to People's Republic of China, or produced in the territory of People's Republic of China (including trial production) of the radio transmission equipment shall be held by the National Radio Management Committee (State Radio Regulation Committee, SRRC) radio transmission equipment type approval certificate of type approval for the emission characteristics after issued ". Factory equipment must be marked on the signs of the approved code. Radio transmitting equipment for radio communication, navigation, positioning, direction, radar, remote control, telemetry, radio, television and micro power (short distance) and radio emission of various equipment, testing agencies currently consists of Radio Administration Bureau of Ministry of information industry is the State Radio Monitoring Center (State Radio Monitoring Center, SRMC).
Application SRRC need to prepare the information
1 application form (two copies)
2 power of attorney (two copies)
3 customer's business license (license Business)
4 the customer's ISO certificate or company profile and the company's ability to explain
5 the circuit diagram of the product, instruction manuals, block diagrams, related test reports (such as ID FCC)
6 antenna gain (Peak Gain Antenna) and pattern Antenna
7 test instruction (direction Test)
8 the company's business license (annual inspection can not be expired)
9 EUT color photos 3 copies (must contain the various interfaces and the side)
10 frequency channel control table (if there are a lot of work channels to provide, such as DSSS or FHSS working mode of the product)
Technical information required for SRRC application
1 official seal of the application unit "approved by the radio transmission equipment model application form"; agent application units to submit the "approval of the radio transmission equipment model of power" (if any);
2 application units (including the agent application unit) of the "business license" a copy of the business license;
3 the technical specification (including software and hardware version number) and user's Manual for the equipment model;
4 test equipment circuit diagram, block diagram.
5 color photos of three sets of A4 paper to print or electronic version:
A. global illumination;
B. positive photos;
C. side lighting (including the launch port, interface, etc.);
D. back light (including the launch port, interface, etc.);
E. internal circuit board according to the test equipment;
F. inspected equipment nameplate to clearly display: equipment type, application unit (manufacturer) name, serial number, approved code CMIIT ID;
G. in addition, the lower part of the photo is also required to indicate the size of the structure of the inspection equipment.