SRRC Compliant Services

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SRRC Compliant Services
With a population of more than one billion and a rapidly growing economy, China is transitioning from a nation known as a major exporter of goods to one that is a major consumer of goods. An ever increasing number of domestic and international manufacturers view China as an opportunity to expand their markets and are including it in their strategic plans. The government of China, similar to other countries, has introduced certification/approval mechanisms to regulate electrical and electronic products. Manufacturers and retailers need to address these requirements when importing or marketing goods in China.
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Depending on the category to which the product belongs, manufacturers must have their products comply with respective requirements. Certifications that affect electrical and electronic products are CCC, SRRC, China Energy Label and NAL.
CCC (China Compulsory Certification)
• Authority: CQC (China Quality Certification Center)
• Standards: China GB Standards
• Regulated products: 20 categories,135 products (such as IT, Telecom, Audio/Video, Household, Lighting products)
• Testing: Safety, or both Safety and EMC (performed by CQC designated labs)
• Factory inspection: Initial inspection plus annual follow up inspection
SRRC Type Approval
• Standards: Administration of Low Power Radio Equipment (SRD)
• Regulated products: Most radio transmission equipment
• Testing: Frequency range, frequency tolerance, transmitting power, occupied bandwidth and spurious emission limits (performed by SRMC - State Radio Monitoring Center)
• Factory inspection: No inspection required
• Mark: No formal mark required, but certificate number must appear on the products or labels
China Energy Label
• Authority: CNIS (China National Institute of Standardization)
• Standards: Measures for the Administration of Energy Efficiency Labels
• Regulated products: 15 products, such as PC monitors, copy machines, air conditioners, water heaters, induction cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
• Testing: Energy Efficiency tests (CNAS accredited labs)
• Factory inspection: No inspection required
NAL (Network Access License) Approval
• Authority: MII (Ministry of Information Industry)
• Standards: Measures for the Administration of Energy Efficiency Labels
• Regulated products: Two groups, 28 types (such as telecommunication terminal equipment, radio telecommunication equipment and internet equipment)
• Testing: Safety, EMC, and telecom performance (performed by MII designated labs)
• Factory inspection: No inspection required