SRRC Certification

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SRRC Certification
Overview of Radio Type Approval
Radio Type Approval is compulsory to all the products with radio modular to be sold or imported in/ into China.
Effective June 1, 1999, the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of China made it mandatory for all equipment with radio modular for sale and use in Mainland China to obtain the Radio Type Approval.
The State Radio Regulation Center (SRRC), which is under MII, is the only designated certification organization for Radio Type Approval. The State Radio Monitoring Center (SRMC) is the only designated testing organization.
Morlab has close relationship with the SRMC and SRRC, thus facilitating the whole certification process and shortening the turnaround time significantly.
We can also provides on-site support in testing laboratories to resolve technical issues that involve client's products.
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