Required material for Type Approval Certificate

Time:2015-04-07 21:15Article From:SRRC Certification Author:SRRC Certification CTR:

The "Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate" to be submitted material: 

1, the equipment manufacturers (hereinafter: applicant) to the "Radio Transmission Equipment Type approval of the application form" (the original). 

2, submitted by applicant's "business license" copies of the application units of production capacity, technology, quality assurance system certificate (if applicant has not obtained the required quality system certification applications must be stamped with the official seal of the production capacity, technology, quality assurance system conditions for more details). 

Submit an application to declare the device model unit technical specifications or technical manual, circuit schematic and block diagram or instructions, technical information required to complete editorial page (the first X pages, a total of XX pages) and affix the official seal applications (Jifeng). 

Submit a color photograph, the photo should include the subjects of samples: 
② According to the overall frontal view. 
③ According to the side (including the launch port, interface and other parts) 

④ the back of the photo (including the launch port, interface and other parts) 
⑤ circuit board inside the equipment inspected Photos 
⑥ equipment nameplate (label): the photo should clearly show to the Applicant (manufacturing units), equipment model, equipment serial number and approval code CMIIT ID:, the signs should be with the device after the import, sale, agreed; Photos appearance of the inspected equipment shall be marked with the lower part of the structure and size (such as type approved "inspection report" has been attached to the above photo, you do not need to repeat the offer.) 
5, the import of foreign equipment required to provide copies of supporting documents approved by the situation (test report or certificate.) 

6, the handling unit if the applicant is the agent (including subsidiaries) required to submit an application unit applicant agent for "Radio Transmission Equipment Type approved power of attorney" and agents of the original applicant's "business license" copies . 

7, by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued by recognized testing organizations within six months of the equipment type approval "test report" the original pieces. 

8, the applicant or agent handling the application units are required to submit applications for equipment units of applicant or agent of the employees to produce proof of identity and personal copy of valid identification (Attention should be consistent with the contact application form) .