State Radio Regulatory Commission of the People's Republic

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State Radio Regulatory Commission of the People's Republic of China
SRMC certification (also known as the SRRC certification)
Since June 1, 1999, China's Ministry of information industry (Ministry of Information Industry, and MII) mandatory for all product sales and use of radio components in China must obtain radio type approval certification (Radio Type Approval Certification).
Former State radio regulatory Committee (State Radio Regulation Committee, SRRC) to State radio monitoring center of China (State Radio Monitoring Center, SRMC) for mainland China's only radio type approval requirements for authorized testing and certification bodies. At present, China has different types of radio transmission equipment to provide special frequency range, and not all frequencies are to be used legally in China. In other words, all sales in their territory, or using different frequencies of radio transmitting equipment. In addition, the applicant must pay attention to certain provisions of the radio transmission equipment areas, not only to apply for a "radio type approval certification", and also to apply for China compulsory certification (CCC) and/or network access license (MII) approved.
  State radio monitoring center is People's Republic of China institution directly under the Ministry of information industry, responsible for radio monitoring and management of the radio spectrum, is China's radio management support.
•Radio transmit equipment type names directory
(A) public mobile communications equipment
(B) the wireless access system
(C) network equipment
(D) microwave equipment
(E) satellite equipment
(F) radio and TV equipment
(VII) 2.4GHz/5.8 GHz wireless access equipment
(H) short-range radio equipment
(I) radar
(J) other radio transmitting equipment
(11) the above does not contain the type, press the reference above similar formulation
Radio transmit equipment type approval test Information required to be submitted:
bid submitted has been filled in properly and stamped with the applicant (equipment manufacturer) official seal of the original or a copy of the approved application form for radio transmission equipment type and the device registration form of detection information; as acting applicants are required to submit the Attorney for radio transmission equipment type approved (see annex 1 Annex 2 annex 3);
1.Filing units (including agency units) "enterprise corporate business license" copy.
2.Submitted bid for the technical specification of the device models (including hardware and software version number) and user manuals;
3.Submit the circuit diagram and the block diagram of the device under test.
4.Submitted to the A4 print color photos of three sets of paper or electronic version, the picture should include the client sample:
1.Overall photo;
2.Frontal view;
3.Side light (including launch ports, interfaces and other parts);
4.According to the back (including launch ports, interfaces and other parts);
5.Client device according to internal circuit boards.
Client device's nameplate (label); the type plate (sticker) to clearly display on a device model , and application unit (equipment manufacturer), device serial number and approval code CMIIT ID: photos also indicate the client device at the lower part of the appearance of structure.
Radio transmit equipment type approval test Requirements:
I inspection of radio transmission equipment type approval test basis and reference standards (see annex 6)
II measuring device model test procedures, methods, standards, conditions, testing the connection block and special test accessories and the latest test reports (copy or copies are available);
III launching port of the device under test is non-standard interfaces, must provide the test device test cable and stamped with the seal of the cable attenuation value text or graphics based on;
IV if necessary, applicants shall send engineers and technicians to cope with testing;
V If bid units sends of equipment by test Hou has a Taiwan not qualified of, allows second times sampling or fill sent prototype again test, if extraction of prototype by test Hou has II Taiwan above (containing II Taiwan) not qualified of, is no longer for second times sampling, found for not qualified products; if by II times test Hou, still has a Taiwan above not qualified, is found for not qualified products;