Radio Type Approval (RTA) Srrc Cert (001)

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  The approval of radio products is mandatory in P. R. China. Achieving type approval in P. R. China is quite a complicated, time-consuming task. WATA Tech. Has established nice cooperation with many authorities in China (such as SRRC, MII, CQC etc. ), and we can provide professional SRRC certification agent service and may shorten certification cycle effectively.

  Our advantages:

  - Competitive price and lead-time (Normally 25 working days for Radio Type Approval);

  - More than 10 years experience in China Approval area;

  - Professional technical support with strict attitudes;

  - Free pre-testing for China Type Approval;

  - Rapid feedback.

  About SRRC Radio Type Approval:

  The Chinese radio approval scheme is called "Type approval of Radio Transmission Equipment". The radio transmission equipment is defined as equipment for radio communication, navigation, positioning, determination of direction, radar, remote control, telemetry, broad casting, Television, low power device etc. Excluded from this definition are ISM, medical devices, electrical transportation systems, high voltage electricity lines etc radiating electromagnetic waves.

  Documents required:

  1. Application form

  2. Business license

  3. Label with the full manufacturer's name, CMIIT ID and model name

  4. Brand registration

  5. Driver ( Test software and date cable)

  6. Test guide

  7. ISO certificate

  8. Circuit Diagram

  9. User manual and specification

  10. Value of Max. Antenna gain

  11. Others (contact us for more information)