SRRC Type Approval for Radio Transmission Equipment

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  The requirement for the Network Access License (NAL) is a SRRC Type Approval (State Radio Regulation of China, SRRC). The testing for the SRRC Type Approval must be conducted in a laboratory in China accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT). The responsible authority for radio transmission equipment is the State Radio Monitoring and Testing Center (SRTC). Among other tests, this authority is also responsible for safety tests of radio transmission equipment for the CCC certification.

  The aim of the SRRC Type Approval is the identification of parameters and functions of radio transmission equipment like frequency range, frequency band, transmitting power, frequency tolerance, occupied bandwidth (or spectral characteristics of the signal), and parameters of the frequency range like out-of-band emissions and spurious emission limits. It is most important that the parameters in the test results are identical with the submitted parameters in the application documents. Only after a positive test result, or after the issuance of the Type Approval Certificate (in short CTA), can an application for the NAL (Network Access License) be submitted.

  1.In order to receive the Type Approval, the following steps need to be completed:

  2.Submission of application and supporting documentation

  3.Shipment of test samples to test lab in China

  4.Product test for Type Approval

  5.Issuance of Type Approval Certificate

  6.Payment of test fees

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