SRRC Requirements

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  The government of China has a mandatory wireless licensing system. Compliance market continues to grow and China is now a fully open market compared to a decade ago. G&M Compliance now offers ONE STOP agency services for SRRC (State Radio Regulation Committee) testing and certification. Equipment emitting radio-type signals require the SRRC license administered by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC (MIIT)’s Radio Administration Bureau. The aim of SRRC is to ensure the effective use of radio frequency spectrum resources. The mandatory approval applies to 11 classes of radio equipment that cover most wireless devices transmitting electromagnetic wave signals during normal operation. Among the equipment types that need SRRC approval are: cellular phones, base stations, cordless phones, broadcasting equipment, RFID devices, low power wireless devices, wireless microphones, and CB radios. With our office in Beijing, our staff will ensure you have direct access to the most efficient SRRC certification services available.

  We work with you to:

  ● Determine whether your product requires SRRC certification

  ● Provide up-to-date information pertaining to regulations and procedures

  ● Plan testing and application processes

  ● Submit test samples, track, follow-up and communicate with relevant governmental agencies

  ● Translate and review all documents (including manuals & user instructions)

  ● Time frame for obtaining SRRC type approval is normally fixed at 20 working days for processing the application, 20 working days for product testing and an additional 20 working days for issuing the SRRC number and certificate