SRRC certification

Time:2016-05-08 03:39Article From:RCO Author:RCO CTR:

  In order to strengthen the management for import and manufacture radio transmit devices, according to management regulations for import and produce transmit devices, all of the import and manufactured radio devices must have radio transmit device type approve certificate which issued by State Radio Regulation Committee. The nameplate should label type approve code.

  The definition of radio transmit device is radio communication、navigation、orientation、azimuth finder、radar、remote control、remote sensing、broadcast、television and low-power(short distance) and other kinds of transmit radio wave devices, but which is not including radiated electromagnetic wave industry、scientific research、medical treatment equipment、electrization transport system、high-voltage electric power line and other electric appliance equipments.

  At present, the approved examination institution by Radio Bureau of Information Industry Ministry is: SRMC (State Radio Monitoring Center).

  Documents which need provide as following:

  1、 A copy of ISO9000 Certificate

  2、 A copy of Business license

  3、 Application Form for Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval and Trust Deed of Type-approval for Radio Transmission Equipment

  4、 The company introduce

  5、 Chinese user manual and specification

  6、 circuit diagram

  7、 Brand registration

  8、 Sample 5 sets( charger, battery, earphone)

  9、 RF Cable (need offer lose)

  10、 Antenna Gain

  11、Test software and date cable

  12、Photo of product (all sides of products and clear label, print with A4 paper)

  13、The nameplate should include product name, model, manufacturer