SRRC Certification Application

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  1.Products range

  All 0 ~ 40GHz radio transmission equipments need to apply for the type approval.

  2.Application information

  Manufacturers of equipments (hereinafter referred to as the application company) submit the “Application Form for Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval” (original), and one copy is available for the foreign, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing application companies respectively, and two originals shall be submitted for other domestic application companies.

  The copy of “Business License” of application company, and the copy of the application company’s production capacity, technology strength, quality assurance system certificates (if the application company has not obtained the required Quality System Certificate, the detail information about the production capacity, technology, quality assurance system shall be affixed by the official seal of the application company, and shall be equivalent to the Quality Manual.)

  The technical specifications or technical manuals, circuit block diagram or schematic diagram and instructions of equipments which apply for the certification.

  Submitting a set of color photos including inspected samples:

  Over-length photo

  Frontal view

  Lateral view (including the transmission port and receipt port and others)

  Back view (including the transmission port and receipt port and others)

  Photo of circuit board inside the inspected device

  Equipments’ nameplates (label): the photo should clearly show the application company (manufacturer), equipment model, serial number of equipments and approval code CMIIT ID: (if the product was too small, it is approved to attach these information to the battery compartment; about the product which size is similar to the flash disk, it is approved to mark just the application company and model, and other information can be posted on the manual or package), the information on the mark shall be consistent with imported and sold products; the size of inspected devices shall be marked at the bottom of photo (if the above photos have been included in the Type Approval “Inspection Report”, then it doesn’t need to submit them again).

  It is required for imported products to provide the copy of foreign approval evidences (test reports or certificate).

  If managing company entrusts the agency (including the subsidiary) to apply for the certification, the agency shall provide the original of “Power of Attorney for Radio Transmission Equipment Type approval” and the principal's copy of “Business License”.

  The original of type approval“Test Report” which is issued within half the year and by the testing organizationaccredited by the Ministry of Industry and Information.

  The managing staff of the applicationor agency company shall submit the copy of employment certificate issued by the application or agency company and its valid personal identification (the managing staff shall be same to the contact person of the application form)。

  3.Required information for starting the test

  The following information shall be submitted to the national laboratory for the test:

  Application form, business license, test method, transmission rate, antenna specification (affixed by the official seal of the application company), brochures, specifications, photos, size, label design and location map, trademarks registration (such as the trademark for labels), water bills of payment, etc..

  4.Certification period

  40 working days for overseas and domestic application companies' second or future application in the year (20 working days for inspection, and 20 working days for type review);

  It is 60 working days for domestic application companies’ first type approval (preliminary administrative review for 20working days, test for 20 working days, and the type review for 20 working days).